“Melon” with 7 benefits that are more delicious than sweet and juicy

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Melon is considered another fruit that many people like. with a sweet scent and a sweet and juicy taste It’s no surprise, right? Why is melon a fruit that many people consume a lot until today? In addition to the delicious taste that is right in the mouth It is also rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body as well. Today, Hello, the doctor will take everyone to know more about this fruit.

Get to know melon (Muskmelon), the sweet, juicy fruit of the summer.

Melon or Melon (Muskmelon) is a plant in the family. Cucurbitaceae Native to Africa There is recorded evidence that melons (now melons/cantaloupes) were cultivated by Egyptians 500 years ago when melons were brought to France by King Charles VIII (Charles VIII l’Affable). And other countries in Europe and named this fruit that Cantaloupe (Cantaloupe), this name is derived from a city in Italy called Cantalupo (Cantalupo). ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

nutrition information

Melon is a fruit that is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A. The nutritional information of 1 cup of melon is 177 grams.

Energy 64 calories, 16 g carbohydrates, 1.4 g fiber, 1 g protein, 0 g fat, vitamin C5, 3% of the RDI, vitamin B6, 8% of the RTI. Folate, 8% of the RDI Vitamin K, 6% of the RDI Potassium, 12% of the RDI Magnesium This represents 4% of the recommended daily intake.

Benefits of melon that you may not know

  1. reduce high blood pressure

Melon is a fruit that is low in sodium and high in potassium. May help maintain healthy blood pressure levels It also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

  1. bone nourishment

Melon is rich in folate, vitamin K and calcium that play an important role in bone maintenance. Helps prevent bone wear and tear and helps build strong bones.

  1. Add moisture to the skin.

after exercise Just eat melon or melon juice. It will add freshness to you and add moisture to the skin as well.

  1. Add collagen to the skin.

Melons is high in vitamin C. that are involved in the production of collagen which is a protein that helps in repairing the skin from premature deterioration In addition, vitamin C is an antioxidant. effective in protecting the skin as well

  1. strengthen the immune system

It is well known that vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system for the body. Protect your skin from sunlight. Prevent respiratory infections and treat body systems such as pneumonia and rheumatism.

  1. digestive system

Melons contains fiber. That helps the digestive system work more efficiently. Increases good bacteria in the intestines

  1. eye care

Carotenoid compounds (Carotenoid) in melons help maintain eye health. Helps vision work more efficiently