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10 fruits with high sugar levels

Hello, dear reader friend. All health lovers Fruits are foods that provide vitamins and minerals to the body. You are probably familiar with and have tried eating almost every type of fruit in Thailand, right? Both sour and sweet fruits, very sweet, less sweet, but

9 easy ways to relieve stress

Stress is a danger that is near us. It’s more dangerous to your physical and mental health than many people think. In addition to causing a headache It also increases the risk of heart disease. High blood sugar, abdominal pain, and in women, it also

How to choose a toothbrush

    A toothbrush is an important tool for cleaning your mouth. Using an inferior toothbrushs In addition to being ineffective in cleaning the mouth. It also has an impact on oral health: toothbrushs bristles that are too hard will wear out your teeth. and irritation to the gum edge May

How to care for ear health

How to take care of your ear health The ear is an important organ that helps us hear various sounds. for communication and conversation It is also an organ involved in balancing the body while moving. Therefore, we should take care of our ears. To use your ears effectively