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Think about water when exercising

Think about water when exercising Water is the most important nutrient for the body because 4/5 of the body weight is water. A human can survive for weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Let’s see how water exercise is necessary. Before

Good fats…how to choose what to eat

Good fats…how to choose what to eat Good vegetable oil must not heate and reused. Which will add hydrogen to the oil, causing the oil to change into a trans type, which has negative effects on the body. Consume unsaturated fats instead of saturated and

Healthy to eat it?

Healthy to eat it? Eating behavior is an important factor that makes the body strong. It also plays a part in causing disease. In order to change your eating behavior to be healthy and far from disease, the team has brought you tips on

Are vitamins necessary? for you

Are vitamins necessary? for you How to take vitamins for maximum benefit Taking vitamin supplements to replace the lacking nutrients is one of the benefits of modern people’s health care. But the benefits of taking vitamins in modern times go beyond that. especially useful in terms of anti-aging because

Risk of hearing loss

Risk of hearing loss. Many behaviors today lead to the risk of hearing loss, such as using a mobile phone for a long time. likes listening to loud music Turn on the soundbounce loud all the time. Watching a loud concert or work in a place loud noise for a

Conquer chronic skin

Conquer chronic skin What are some common chronic skin diseases (acne, blemish, sepderm, psoriasis, SLE) ? Nowadays, more and more people suffer from skin diseases. from work and pollution from chemicals in the environment Most skin diseases are mild and life-threatening. But it’s often a chronic and a matter of