Postecoglou aims build youth squad Confirmed, ready to develop

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Postecoglou aims to build a youth squad Confirmed, ready to develop young Spurs stars.

• Spurs sign young Swedish midfielder Lucas Bergvall. Come join us in this round of the transfer market

• Players have agreed with Barcelona. before changing his mind and moving to work with Spurs

Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou hopes the team will become a target for many of the best young players going forward.

Spurs could sign 17-year-old Swedish midfielder Lucas Bergvall from Djurgarden. After the player decided to choose them instead of Barcelona, ​​who had followed their form and were close to closing the deal earlier. The players will move to join the team next season. And as a result, Spurs have many young players in good form on the team, including Destiny Udoghi, Pape Sarr, Micky van de Ven, as well as Radu Dragushin, who just signed. In this trading market Many of whom decided to move after talking with Postecoglou.

“It’s something people get to see. You can try to sell your vision to someone. But if there is physical evidence that it can be captured. Or anyone who has come to see Spurs play since I came to work. They will see our commitment to the team we want to be. It’s not just talk, it’s action. OK, maybe we’re not the ready team. We give opportunities to young players, many of whom have already had the opportunity to play.”

“We are in the process of building a team. in our view It was extremely satisfying. And I hope we become a club that becomes a destination for many young players. But in the end, football ability is the most important thing,” Postecoglou told ufabet