Risk of hearing loss

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Risk of hearing loss.

Many behaviors today lead to the risk of hearing loss, such as using a mobile phone for a long time. likes listening to loud music Turn on the soundbounce loud all the time. Watching a loud concert or work in a place loud noise for a long time These behaviors are all likely to risk ear disease. 

Dr. Jarinrat Sirirattanaphan, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Center Srinakharinwirot University Ongkharak and an ear specialist from Hearing Focus have educated about ear disease. by the doctor said Hearing loss is a condition. Which the ear cannot hear. or impaired hearing ability. Which mostly occurs with the elderly But nowadays, children or adolescents are beginning to have more and more ears. Because ear disease is caused by many reasons, such as a viral infection. Inner ear inflammation, brain fever, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, tumors, accidents or being in a noisy place for a long time, etc.

Warning signs indicating that it may ear infection are:

  • tinnitus, decreased hearing ringing in the ears 
  • headache, earache, spinning house, staggering, feeling unsteady
  • facial nerve paralysis distort the face

For how to prevent ear off. The doctor has given the following recommendations:

  • Avoid being in loud noises for long periods of time.
  • Diving requires good practice. Because when diving, the pressure in the water is high. Less blood supply to the inner ear Lack of blood supply to the ear cells Pressure can cause bleeding behind the eardrum lining, causing tinnitus.
  • using a mobile phone music player The soundbar sounds for a long time. Reported to cause hearing loss should reduce the volume Shorten the listening time. Using Small Talk to prevent hearing loss and accidents while driving.
  • get enough rest
  • Before using the drug, consult a doctor. Some medications can damage the auditory nerve. and can cause ear symptoms to be extinguished
  • keep healthy Allergies should consult a doctor. because allergies can cause tinnitus, ear inflammation, perforated eardrum

Therefore, anyone who is in symptoms or conditions at risk of hearing loss. You should go see a doctor and have your hearing checked early. Before it becomes a big and difficult problem to solve at UFABET