Conquer chronic skin

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Conquer chronic skin

What are some common chronic skin diseases (acne, blemish, sepderm, psoriasis, SLE) ?

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from skin diseases. from work and pollution from chemicals in the environment Most skin diseases are mild and life-threatening. But it’s often a chronic and a matter of beauty. lack of confidence Social disgust According to statistics in 2006 from the Ministry of Public Health. Found the 7th most dermatitis patients in the country, most of them allergies. Dermatitis and chronic inflammatory acne cause by external factors such as exposure to chemicals while working and pollution in the environment together with the loss of internal balance of the body While in the past skin diseases were often cause by infections such as leprosy, sexually transmitted diseases. psoriasis which is caused by the abnormality of the skin cells in the body itself at UFABET.

What causes chronic skin disease?

Our bodies make up various systems. up to comply with a variety of ways of life and try to balance it in accordance with the behavior of the owner of the body to the best of his ability, such as adapting to the hot and cold seasons Build your own immune system for various diseases so. That your body’s health is balance without illness. Which those illnesses But according to the current environmental situation including many behaviors Like people. Who have to face fluctuations and air pollution, stress, neglect of exercise, lack of rest, etc., will result in the loss of the standard balance system created by the body. The body therefore manifests itself in various abnormal symptoms, including chronic skin diseases such as chronic acne, chronic allergies. Skin allergies, psoriasis, seb derm, etc.

Emotional or psychological conditions, such as extreme stress, contribute to skin disease or not?

These many years Surrounding conditions cause Thai people to be very stressed. Stress has many negative effects on the body, such as making it easy to forget, not concentrating on work, irritability, easily angry, addicted to drugs, stomachaches, headaches, back pain, insomnia. Stress also increases the risk of ischemic heart disease. high blood pressure Stomach ulcer, asthma, hyperthyroidism and neurotic psychosis In addition, stress or mental illness also affects the skin. Because when stressed, the body releases the hormone of stress, Cortisol ( Cortisol), causing the sebaceous glands to work more. Oily skin, acne and other skin diseases occur. Stress also lowers the body’s immunity. It makes the skin easily infected. The incidence of recurrent herpes, shingles, slow healing wounds and skin cancer increased.

treatment by topical method Taking medication continuously for people with chronic skin disease 

Treatment of chronic skin diseases today Whether it’s applying medicine or taking medicine. It is only a symptomatic treatment of the disease. Which are separated by symptoms organs. That have problems and suppress the symptoms of the disease that occur Treatment of skin diseases with certain topical drugs for a long time or without medical supervision, such as steroids, may cause the following side effects: Increases the risk of bacterial infection. After stopping the drug. If applied over a wide area and consecutively for a long time can cause the drug to absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream Another way is to take the drug for a long time. The side effect of taking the drug is generally The occurrence of risks to various organs in the body such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, excretory system and nervous system, etc.