Are vitamins necessary? for you

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Are vitamins necessary? for you

How to take vitamins for maximum benefit

Taking vitamin supplements to replace the lacking nutrients is one of the benefits of modern people’s health care. But the benefits of taking vitamins in modern times go beyond that. especially useful in terms of anti-aging because of the deterioration of the body often accompanied by increasing age Including in the event that the body is working hard. Which is something that everyone cannot avoid. but can slow down. Therefore, taking the right amount of high-quality. It allows the functioning of cells in the body to function as in a young age.

However, taking must appropriate. Som taken in excess are harmful. So how should we choose vitamins that are suitable for ourselves in order to get the most benefits for the body?

Dr. Kridakorn Kesornkam expert in anti-aging medicine from AddLife Anti-Aging Center, gave advice on how to choose for maximum benefit as follows:

Let’s get to know what vitamins first at UFABET.

Vitamins are essential nutrients for cell and body function. There are types that the body can synthesize on its own, but may be in small amounts that must be obtained from additional food sources such as Coenzyme Q10 ( Coenzyme Q 10). That the body cannot synthesize by itself and must be obtained from food or supplementation. increase In case of not eating all 5 groups, such as vitamin C ( Vitamin C) and lycopene (Lycopene ) etc.

What vitamins should I choose?

First of all, we need to know what our body lacks. Some people choose to eat by themselves. Some people sometimes take it in larger quantities and for a longer period of time than necessary. Causing the body to not be able to excrete completely, it can be dangerous The best and most suitable way is for a doctor to diagnose and analyze what vitamin deficiency is. and how to supplement Because each person’s body needs vitamins in different types and amounts. depending on nutrients obtained from food Body work If you are working hard, stressed, resting less, exercising a lot. need more vitamin supplements

What kind of vitamins can be bought and eaten by yourself?

It should be a water soluble vitamin. Because the body is easily excreted, such as vitamins B, C and calcium, but it is recommended that you should choose the type that has high quality and production standards only. As for other water-soluble vitamins It is not recommended to buy and eat by yourself. Because some types of accumulation can cause harm.

Therefore, blood levels of nutrients and minerals. Should check. and detect cell degeneration by a specific method In order to make us know. That the body lacks any and minerals. To supplement and minerals appropriately would the best way.