Ancient beauty recipes that helps you to beautiful from the inside out

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Ancient beauty recipes that helps you to beautiful from the inside out.

Women nowadays tend to rely on technology to instantly enhance their beauty, including Botox, fillers, lasers, until they become commonplace. But what is common and many people overlook is Natural Beauty The word “ natural ” here is true beauty, not just the beauty from the outside as we see it. But it must also come from within to be true and lasting beauty. 

That will reflect the charm and beauty in their own way like the ancient people in the past without cosmetics beauty products expensive perfume It can be beautiful by using nature that exists around you to add beauty, for example, use the Khoi to polish your teeth to make your teeth white and clean. Use turmeric to rub your body to make your skin look flawless. Use herbs to make a unique scented skin bath, etc.

Taking care of yourself to be beautiful without relying on technology is easy and not difficult. Following in the footsteps of ancient beauty secrets “ The ancients often had many beauty secrets. And it’s not just beauty care on the outside. It is also a holistic care to be beautiful both outside and inside hidden in ancient beauty secrets as well at UFABET.

Ancient beauty recipes that helps you to beautiful from the inside out


Beautiful inside by eating foods that contain lycopene (such as tomatoes, watermelon), antioxidants (such as okra, black rice, purple cabbage, various berries), phytoestrogens. (such as soybean products, ginseng, jiaogulan), etc. Foods that contain these substances will help the skin look younger.

Beautiful on the outside by using soft skin scrub By using herbs such as turmeric, tamarind, or a facial mask by adding a mixture of honey.


Be beautiful within by eating foods that help nourish the lymphatic system. Solve lymphatic waste (such as honeysuckle flowers, safflower), foods that help increase blood flow Make the skin look bright and rosy (such as ginseng, ginseng, tang gui, jujube, ginkgo )

Beautiful on the outside by exfoliating to remove dead cells. Selected herbs such as turmeric, plai, tamarind, seaweed, shredded coconut, etc. 2-3 times a week, followed by oil massage such as olive oil. jojoba oil coconut oil with aromatherapy to relax the skin and keep the skin moisturized


Beauty in the diet with biotin Prevent hair split ends (foods found such as liver, soybean, rice, black, egg yolk) nutrients selenium. Necessary to maintain healthy hair, thick hair, shiny hair (such as butterfly pea, seaweed, potato). 

Beautiful on the outside by using half honey and olive oil. Shampoo your hair and rinse. The resulting hair will be soft and shiny.

Body detox:

Be beautiful on the inside by eating foods that are rich in antioxidants. (such as berries, pomegranates, Jiaogulan tea To help reduce free radicals that are the cause of aging) Eat foods that are high in fiber. To detoxify through the lymphatic system, excretory system (such as prunes, barley, honeysuckle flower herbs, brown rice, basil seeds, etc.) or fasting methods It is another effective way to eliminate toxins from the body. (Those with congenital disease should consult a doctor.)

Beautiful on the outside with great ancient recipes. immersion in warm water In order for the body to sweat, it will cause dirt to be excreted as a simple method. And economical instead of making a spa quite well.

To do a mental detox:

It is important that girls In modern times forgetfulness is to make the mind by meditating, going to temples, positive thinking helps the mind to think well, do good things, free radicals (old rust) will be less, which has a good effect on the face. and radiant skin