Real Madrid win the 2022 UEFA Super Cup after beating Frankfurt 2-0.

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Real Madrid win the 2022 UEFA Super Cup after beating Frankfurt 2-0 to give them their fifth trophy.

Football UEFA Super Cup

Real Madrid (Spain) 2

Frankfurt (Germany) 0

Venue : Helsinki Olympiastadion, Finland.

The game started 14 minutes ago, Frankfurt was almost hysterical from the moment that Ferland Mendy easily lost the ball before Rafael Borre stabbed to let Daiichi Kamada slip off. Single shot with the left foot. UFABET But not good enough to be saved by Thibaut Courtois

Three minutes later, it was Real Madrid’s golden opportunity from the moment Valverde opened from starboard into the middle of the penalty area for Karim Benzema to poke left to Vinicius Junior. The variable has played a more focused way past Kevin Trap, but Tuta still has an unbelievable extraction at the line.

Then the game was Madrid, who had slightly superior possession, and in the 37th minute got a chance to win from a counter-attack, Benzema stabbed Vinicius Speed ​​to take the ball to the left before dragging it into the middle to shoot with. Right, but Trap is still a super save, able to brush off the back.

And from this corner kick on the right side, Real Madrid took the lead 1-0. The ball opened for Benzema to head straight, but Casemiro still followed to strike back to David A. Laba sets his feet on a clear shot. Go in the door

In the 42nd minute, the royal family almost fled, Tony Kroos opened from the right side into the middle for Benzema to catch and shoot with the right. The ball fell out of the box a bit and the first half ended with Real Madrid leading 1-0.

Returning to play in the second half.

Real Madrid still had a chance to add more scores in the 55th minute when Mendy got the ball on the left and threw it into the middle of the ricochet. But still going into the way of Vinicius Take it down and flick the shot with the left to ricochet Benzema is still good to go straight to the body.

even frankfurt Will speed up the tempo, but it is still Madrid who control the game better than the 60th minute, should be able to escape again when Luka Modric saw the channel flow for Casemiro to let the ball flow into the left foot and hit from At 18 yards, the ball hit the beam and bounced off the back.

In the 65th minute, Real Madrid escaped 2-0 from the ball that stabbed out the left for Vinicius, using speed to run after collecting the ball and dragging it in before passing into the middle. Benzema let the ball flow into the right foot. The opposite of the property that seems to have thrown the wrong weight at the doorway.

Madrid clearly laid down the game, but in the 80th minute, he had a counter-attack. Finally, Benzema flowed for Toni Kroos to run far out of the box.

In the 85th minute, Real Madrid sent two new players, Aurelian Chouameni and Antonio Rudiger, to make their debut in the club’s first game.

rest period Both teams couldn’t do more as they ended the game as Real Madrid defeated Frankfurt 2-0 to secure their fifth UEFA Super Cup title. The most in the competition alongside Barcelona and AC Milan.